Clear, Comprehensive Solutions

Our policy is to offer clear, comprehensible information to all of our clients. We do not hide behind business diction, technical, specific or professional terms, or foreign wording. At Ehtyagat, our clients will always get a prompt, straight forward services & answer.


At Ehtyagat, our integrity is one of our main strengths, and, without compromise, we ensure that the reputation and integrity of all of our clients exceeds this high standard.


Our client list consists of not only high level international companies, but also government and sub-government agencies and contractors from all over the globe. Ehtyagat ensures top client confidentiality and uses specialized work flow and client systems, keeping all clients content and procedures at the highest level of security both during and after contract completion.


Ehtyagat offers its clients 24/7 continuous support, even outside of our working hours. One of our highest priorities is making sure that any need is met, especially at peak performance times. We emphasize a personal, mutual contact with each client: You are always able to communicate with a representative who deals with your project directly, whenever needed. Ehtyagat actively coordinates and communicates project phases and development for easier transitions and the coordination of plans.


When it comes to providing a quality work environment for our customers, Ehtyagat offers the highest level of support and service to all of our clients regardless of project size. Our business is directly shaped by the input received from our clients because we continually strive to excel at every level. The quality of our work is at an international level and unparalleled. Ehtyagat’s services go above and beyond to meet any deadline, even if an unprecedented short execution time is set. We understand that “Time is money,” and take pride in our dedication to fast and quality service.