Facility Management

A primary overhead for any company is an effectual working area. Putting it together entails elaborate funding, planning, design consultation, fit out, and consistent space and support servicing. This renders the exercise laborious and expensive.

Our management service takes care of this and provides a seamless running of the workplace. Our services pertain to areas necessary for the smooth functioning of a company. To achieve this, our team integrates with the client on an everyday basis for an effective interface.

By following a flexible approach and interacting with the personnel of the client, we are better able to manage facilities that are cost-effective. A single monthly invoice is what we offer.

We specialize in:

 Cleaning services and waste management

 Electro mechanical maintenance and civil works

 HVAC preventive maintenance

 Pest control and landscape maintenance

 Facility watchman services

 Help desk and CMMS

Focus areas

We understand that the services ought to reflect a significant reduction in the operation cost. At the same time, these should improve and maintain quality.By this, we expect to achieve a range of targets over the long term. These objectives include:

*A significant reduction in the operation of a facility

*Repair and maintenance costs without adversely affecting the quality of service, as depicted in the specifications.

*Consolidation of responsibilities pertaining to non-core business support services

*Continuity in the operational and administrative procedures and processes

*Maintenance and enhancement of services

*To increase the present levels of internal satisfaction with innovative leadership